Apple product repairs

We accept repairs by pickup, drop-off and on site service. Repairs fall into two categories: Broken items and Software fix. Not all parts for broken devices are kept in stock and we are doing more software fixes than item repairs.

Only out of warranty repairs are accepted.

Call us to see if we have your parts in stock for repair or needs to be ordered. We have many older Macs, iPads, iPhone and iPod parts available for sale for the “do it yourself” repairer.

Common Repairs and Upgrades

Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Macbook / Macbook Pro, 

Diagnostics Troubleshooting, Memory upgrades, Drive Replacements, Solid State Drive upgrades, Failed Drive Recovery. Macbook/Macbook Pro glass and LCD screen replacement.

iPad and iPhone

Yes we do these repairs although most people hunt for the best price and our repairs cost more. That’s because original Apple screens cost 3 times more than 3rd party screens. Honestly our prices come in at about the same as Apple charges for screen repairs. That why we suggest having Apple fix your broken screen. Go here to see current prices for screen fixes at Apple:

Apple Prices Click Here

Apple TV and Airport routers

If you were experimenting with “Jailbreaking” we can get your equipment back to normal running the Apple ecosystem software. Airport is being phased out for MESH networks with wider coverage for you. Too bad, Airport routers are joined together in the same way with multiple routers.

Additional repair services

Disk and file recovery..

Backup recovery. iCloud recovery.

Apple Watch not currently accepted for repairs.


No one out there can beat the price or turnaround time of an Apple Store.

You are far better off going to your nearest Apple Store or Authorized service provider to get your screen replaced. What are called OEM parts sold to local repair shops have higher failure rates and diminished quality over time compared to the parts installed by Apple. Its well worth paying a few dollars extra above the low prices offered by local shops getting work done at your nearest Apple Store.

You’ll need to make an appointment at your closest Genius bar.

Applies to glass replacment only. Other repairs like jacks, battery replacement or water damage are best done through shops like ours.

Also be aware that Apple will not perform repairs on water damaged or misused iPhones. In this case you’ll want to choose an OOW (out of warranty) replacement or repair. This means you get a new equivalent device for a reduced cost if your original device can’t be fixed. See here

Where problems happen is repairing older equipment, iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc. In these cases call us for older parts availability.

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