Just broke your new Apple device? Try this first!!

Just Broke your New Apple Item? Here’s your best first option

If your Apple product needs repairs – coming from a dumb mistake, stepped on, dropped, run over, sometimes the more outlandish the better, and you have had it less than 30 or so days,

First thing; check with an Apple Store to see if they will replace it. Yes thats right. It is not uncommon to get a replacement in certain circumstances. In the old days you could explain what happened and sometimes get a free replacement. Remember when talking to the Apple representative to not be aggressive. Stay calm and get their feedback. More often you’ll hear its not covered. But it has happened that products get replaced as good public relations.

And in recent trends its clear Apple is out competing local shops for repairs, take iPhone 6 for example. Apple lists a cracked iPhone 6 screen repair @ $129. See here: link

Damage not covered by Apple can be done right here. Out of warranty only. Our typical range of Macs and equipment worked on is 2 years and older.