business services

Businesses depend on what Denver Mac brings to the table. We offer solutions for most business needs and most importantly On Site Technical Support. Remote support and management is also available.

Common reasons to choose Denver Mac for support:

  • “I need a specialist! Denver Macintosh addresses our needs perfectly.”
  • “We’re not large enough to support on-site IT. Denver Macintosh is on call”
  • “Our normal Mac (person, guy, dept.) is stumped and needs assistance.”
  • “Don’t know what our system is capable of and need someone to pull it  together.”

Selected Business Services:

  • Server Administration: (OS X) – Mail, File, VPN, Web
  • Connectivity and Internet issues
  • Mixed OS X and Microsoft workstations
  • Remote log in, VPN, Apple Remote Desktop VNC
  • Supporting Mac connections in large Windows™ infrastructure

Mac Workstation Support:

  • Mac client support, web, email, connected and network drives, wired and wireless client / client/server configurations
  • Credential logins, security, certificates and Cloud Services Integration: Apple iCloud, Google Docs, Dropbox
  • Group backup systems

Network Support:

  • Remote login and VPN Connectivity – Cable, DSL, WIFI networks
  • Backups and iCloud integration
  • Multiport switches, business class routers, Hi speed Internet
  • Cloud Services Integration, Cloud computing Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Consolidated network resources for small workgroups. NAS server
  • Video monitoring, Security and Camera access

Other supported office and business products: 

  • Network printer support. Workgroup printer support
  • Specialised digital support including densitometer based color calibration
  • Wireless, and wired network support for modem, router, voice gateway.
  • Comcast, Centurylink support.
  • LaCie authorized dealer.

Additional Services:

  • New installs, cabling and wiring. Ethernet, cable, phone.
  • Flood, Fire, Lightning Strike damage recovery, insurance claims.
  • Backup Systems, on-site and remote. Time Machine and other incremental backup.
  • Cost and purchase analysis, system comparisons, growth decisions based on Apple technologies. Network topology and workstation layout designs.