Business Services

Businesses appreciate what we bring to the table. We offer solutions without compromise or IT staff. 

Common reasons businesses choose Denver Mac for support:

  • “We need a specialist! Denver Macintosh addresses our needs perfectly.”
  • “We’re not large enough to support on-site IT. Denver Macintosh is on call”
  • “Our normal Mac (person, guy, dept.) is stumped and needs assistance.”
  • “Don’t know what our system is capable of and need someone to pull it  together.”

Common Business Services:

  • Server Administration: (OS X) – Mail, File, VPN, Web
  • Connectivity and Internet issues
  • Mixed OS X and Microsoft workstations
  • Remote log in, VPN, Apple Remote Desktop VNC
  • Virus and security
  • Backup systems for groups

Looking Deeper:

Mac Computer Support:

  • Mac client support, web, email, network drives, wired and wireless client,  client/server
  • Credential logins, security, certificates and Cloud Services Integration: Apple iCloud, Google Docs, Dropbox
  • Group backup systems

Network Support:

  • Remote login and VPN Connectivity – Cable, DSL, WIFI networks
  • Backups and iCloud integration
  • Switches, business class routers, Hi speed Internet
  • Cloud Services Integration, Cloud computing Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Consolidated network resources for small workgroups. NAS server
  • Video monitoring, Security and Camera access

Other supported office and business products: 

  • Network printer support. Workgroup printer support
  • Specialised including densitometer based color calibration
  • Wireless, and wired network support for modem, router, voice gateway.
  • Comcast, Centurylink device support.
  • LaCie Drive Storage authorized dealer.

Additional Services:

  • New installs, cabling and wiring. Ethernet, cable, phone.
  • Data Recovery and Storage upgrade and expansion.
  • Flood, Fire, Lightning Strike damage recovery, insurance claims.
  • Backup Systems, on-site and remote. Time Machine and other incremental backup.
  • Cost and purchase analysis, system comparisons, growth decisions based on Apple technologies. Network topology and workstation layout designs.