iMac 24″ Issues

We’re starting to see the 2006 iMacs coming in for repairs. A few of the 24″ Intel processor models arrived “dead” with no power up response. Here are some observations on these models.

Great design. A little harder to get into than the G5 iMacs. The design takes on a whole new meaning as the logic board is more compact, there is much more air space inside these machines, surprisingly there is no option for a second hard drive with room for it and then some.

Power supply. Entirely new design with a paper sleeve surrounding the power supply and foam gaskets holding it in place, insulating it from hot areas inside the machine.

Final thoughts. We would like to see Apple starting to put diagnostics ports on all future Macs to help pinpoint hardware failures beyond the LED’s on the logic board. Right now, it is hard to tell where the problems lie with these machines. No LED’s on the logic boards are on, which normally indicates a power supply failure although at this point it could easily be a problem with the logic boards themselves. Of course we are going to start with replacing the power supplies to test although there are times when doing so is a wasted effort as the logic board blew a part from a defective power supply – taking the logic board with it.