iPhone iPod glass repairs – Why choose Denver Macintosh?

When accidents happen to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac we advise first taking it to the nearest Apple Store to try and get a free repair or exchange. Many time you can luck out and have the device swapped out for a new one at no charge. If the device is a month or two old your chances are better.

Update: mentioned elsewhere on this site. Apple is the place to go for glass fixes.

If Apple doesn’t give you the free option its because you’ve had it too long, were a dork to them, or showed great negligence for your device.You don’t want to sink lots of money into a repair. If you bring your broken device to Denver Mac, you’ll get an OEM parts replacement at a fair rate. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are manufactured by the same company contracted to make them for Apple.  These parts cost more to make and buy but they are stronger and less likely to crack, or fail exactly at the moment you don’t need it to.

Even though all parts come from China, there are differing levels of quality available, OEM guarantees the same quality as the original.

All IOS devices should be repaired at your nearest Genius Bar or through  package delivery to Apple repair. Repair prices are reasonable and you’re ensured original quality. Plus you’ll often find 2 hour turnaround times.

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