Replace cracked MacBook pro glass – Denver Mac Special

Original Apple glass is so fragile even small drops or impacts can crack it. Given all the things that can happen to your Macbook or Pro, glass replacement has the highest incident rate – but is one of the cheapest repairs. Denver Mac just got in a shipment of Macbook Pro replacement glass that is very impressive for its strength and clarity.  Its  a lot tougher than the factory glass while delivering the Pro’s original look.


It costs more but we’re thinking “make it stronger than before” in case what broke it happens again.  With that said here is a great offer to fix your broken glass – including new glass and labor charges to put the new one in. This special only lasts until this new shipment is used up so act now to take advantage of an outstanding deal. DEAL OVER! THANK YOU!!!

Make sure its only the glass that is cracked and not the LCD beneath – if there are splotches in the display, there’s a good chance the LCD screen is damaged as well. But if you can see a good image on your Mac as though you’re looking at it through cracks in the glass, lucky you, your new glass has arrived.