Why an iPad?

At first look, the iPad seems like nothing more than an oversized iPhone minus the portability and the phone. But after you have one for a while it soon becomes apparent the device fills voids that you never thought of before having it.

Here’s some thoughts on how iPad becomes part of your digital accessory arsenal.

First, iPad wasn’t designed to replace a computer. Mindsets get changed after owning it to thinking of it an an extension to your computers.

Where its best suited is for consumption of electronic media. Those news stories, blogs or videos you normally watch or read at the computer or media center suddenly become transportable. Just like using an iPod for music where the scene might be unplugging from the headphones mid song to attach to the car stereo and not miss a beat, the iPad gets carried with you to the kitchen for the recipe you’re reading, the shop to compare online notes with your findings, or the bathroom if you’re really into your content and don’t want to miss anything.

It has arrange-ibility that’s not easily reproduced at your computer. Move it closer or farther away from your face for the best viewability more like a magazine or book. Add to this the finger gestures like pinch and spread to zoom content freely and you have a tool much better suited than a book or portable tv ever had.

In the end you’ll treat your iPad differently than you would a computer. You’ll leave it next to the bed or the armchair or on a table and pick it up as needed. The standby times are simply amazing, with the ability to set it down and then come back days later to pick it up and find there are still hours and hours left on the battery.

iPad fills the gap where occasional internet, mail or note jotting are needed but making the trip to the computer gets old and its quick access amounts to freedom you haven’t had before.