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Hardware Repairs - Done as needed

Hardware Repairs - Done as needed


We know Apple products inside out through Apple Consultants Training and many jobs covering all things Apple. 

Technicians are experienced with Apple Products from the ground up. Certified with Apple. And offer services for all ranging from home computers, offices, Corporate Servers, digital printing and education institutions. Troubleshooting, Repairs, Integration with Cloud and many many more topics, Our experience is far and wide. See below for services. 

Honest Integrity

Computers and other devices sometimes hold lots of personal and company information. It is paramount to keep your information safe. 


Primary on-site services (not requiring hardware repairs) can be more convenient for our clients and makes for faster times. Problems are often traced to other connected devices like routers and security systems, cameras and firewalls. 

Contact:  Phone 303-919-6807

Hardware Repairs - Done as needed

Hardware Repairs - Done as needed

Hardware Repairs - Done as needed


Quick Note on Repairs

Apple products have become less screws and bolts and more tapes and glues. Cheaper to make and more easily recyclable.  That is not a bad thing but a good one. It all boils down to what is needed for good system health. 

Water damage repair can be tricky because when power is applied to the item the initial circuit damage can cascade downline.  Most water damage fixes shorten an item's life.

More tips below 


Business Services

Denver Mac is for Business

Big or Small, your business may be Mac based or Microsoft based with a few Macs needing cross compatibility. Or it may be your home office with storage, backup, internet and video used.  Call or write to discuss your specific issues or for consulting advice with growing your system.  Contact:  Phone 303-919-6807

Troubleshoot Services and Software Optimization

Problems with Mac Operating System or intra-device communications impact the business productivity. Today's Macs connect to more things than ever. Expect Denver Macintosh support for Apple products in addition to products from Adobe, Microsoft, Quark, FileMaker, Intuit and others are included in software troubleshooting and optimization services. 

Business Grade Specific

Disk and File Recovery

Centralized storage, Redundant RAID Arrays,

• Shared storage, files and document archives

• Off / Local site backup, backup recovery

Network Switches and Gateways, Install, Change

Apple Integration with foreign topologies

Remote Access / Login

Firewall and Router

Mac OS Server Administration

Other Business and Institution Services

• Printing system - color calibration and color print troubleshooting. 

• Camera, Video, Audio production and Training

• Digital Printing, large format printing, pre-press and commercial printing. 

• Person-to-Person Communications with Video Messaging Chat

• Equipment Moves and Changes.

Advanced Business Support

Travel Security

If you or employees travels for business and stays in hotels or other countries. Get safety on the internet. VPN is not the solution. Privacy is. Call for support.

Keep it or Upgrade?

We will explain your choices between upgrading and keeping your current setup. Problems in the system impact the business operations. Whether it comes to using iPads and Phones at work or integrating laptops and Mac desktops, we can help you make an educated decision.   

Expand the system?

Need more? More equipment to faster networks, Stand alone or Subscription software. Many decisions to make that impact the business. We got you covered. And we also handle migrating equipment to new locations, consolidating offices, remote access from home and VPN networks. 


We have lot's of solutions for your business. Call for more information.  


Phone 303-919-6807

Home Services

Denver Mac is for home users

Networks, Spinning color wheels, bad WIFI. And all the stuff you run into like missing pictures and problems with iCloud. Denver Mac is your go to source to get things squared away for you and your family. 

Call or email with questions and timeframes for any issues you have. We do tons of house calls with great feedback. Many times, we walk into houses and businesses where another company has put something in place and they will not support or can not be found for followup. We can dive into these issues and find and install the right fix. 

And please do not assume you are calling on a company that puts a bandaid on the problem. Experience shows that we have helped home users who plan on something like traveling overseas or is adding new services to their repertoire. You got the right source. 


Unfortunately Denver Mac's website was hacked. The solution recently was to move from many services into one consolidated provider. We expect to improve the website and provide more great information that was lost, like good Google, Yelp, and Angie's List reviews and to restore a long list of blog entries helping Mac Users out. Look for these changes on the horizon. 

Home Services from Denver Mac

If you can't figure this out. Its SideCar like service. Two devices working on a document together. 

What we do -

All things Apple

How it works

Years of experience reveals how to get things done. Here's the process. 

Self - Others

Apple products like all other systems go like this. 

Self: that's identifying problems within the system as a unit. Compare it to health. If something is wrong with the brain or body parts a person gets help and repair to keep running. In Primitive form computers get the same treatment. Examples: Broken Screen, spinning rainbow wheels, black screen of death. All these compare to health. Fixing the self is the first goal.

Others: this is where something the "Self" is connected to is the problem cause. In these cases it might be another device responsible for the problem. Like logging onto a business server or even accessing files from Cloud Services.  "Other" ongoing issue like slow internet or printing failures, or malware viruses all can make healthy macs appear unhealthy.  

The summary is to start with self and fix, then work on others (connected devices). Now, if you are the self-fixer type and identify the problem yourself, be aware that you may not have completely fixed the issues, only the tip of the iceberg. Some are easy some hard and just need  parts and the right tools to get thing fixed. Examples would be to add more memory, install new hard drives, software conflicts and more. 

Who uses Denver Mac?

Businesses - Home Office - Travelers - IT staff

A history of our work has been squaring away graphics artists and designers, Dental, Physical Therapists, Medical Offices, Digital printing, film, video and sound systems. Government systems maintenance, and lots of home calls for creating backup systems, wireless and wired network systems, video doorbells and security systems, recovering lost files or fixing slow systems.  And we do Comcast internet, CenturyLink DSL and Fiber Optic. 

Work Well with Others

Software experience includes Apple, Systems and Programs, Microsoft, Intuit, Adobe, Yahoo and scores more. Apple products like Pages, Safari, Photos, QuickTime. calendars, reminders, notes, contacts working with collaborators, and even family members.  

Cloud services from iCloud, Google admin, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, and Crash Plan, Box and similar get configured for collaboration with other users or backup systems.

Many users choose to avoid cloud services due to security concerns or huge amounts of data to push to the cloud. In these cases local servers and backup systems are a better choice. NAS Network Access Server systems backing up all systems and even remote backup to another location like Office to home or home to a friend's office. In these cases servers from laCie, Drobo, Seagate, and most others can be configured.


Less hardware repair, more make things better through finding problems in software and configuration

Advice from the trenches

NO NO NO Do not seek repairs

Replace or Repair a Mac - Your best advice

NO NO NO Do not seek repairs


As a general rule, if your product is severely damaged, Exchange or buy new if no warranty applies. The very sad picture above is used to illustrate what to do when your accident is real bad. Go to the Genius Bar for your first feedback. -Denver Mac

iPad is the new standard

Replace or Repair a Mac - Your best advice

NO NO NO Do not seek repairs

Denver Mac iPad on the horizon

Believe it or not, most users can ditch the laptop for most day to day needs. A properly configured iPad works like a charm. For both Business and Home users. And the Apple Pencil changes the game. Find out why through Denver Mac.

Replace or Repair a Mac - Your best advice

Replace or Repair a Mac - Your best advice

Replace or Repair a Mac - Your best advice

Drive Health for a Mac

First point; Apple products have become more recyclable and more difficult to work on. 

iMacs, MacBooks and other items can well be fixed provided the needed fix uses the right parts and service. 

2 - 3 years

As a general rule; if your item is 2 or 3 years old, repairs can be pricy. If AppleCare is involved, better to go for the exchange or Apple warranty repair. 

Third party repair shops are common so check around on the problem and costs.  But put this in the figuring: Apple Company repair vs. Third party. Quality and reliability issues are there with some  3rd party OEM parts.

Apple first then third party repairers to compare both price and parts used. 

4-6 years

If the Mac is 4-6 years old, consider hardware repair a good move. A rule of thumb,  the repair should cost half or less than the Apple item's value. So if costs exceed $500 on your 6 year old MacBook Pro, consider it wisely.

7 plus years

If the item needing repair is 7 years or older its not far from being obsoleted and lacking the guts (chips) to be upgraded with the latest systems and security. Usually it's from lack of internal parts like T2 encryption IC chips and other new circuits invented after those older devices got made. 

But some of the older machines are still working well. We've seen 15 year old PowerMac G4's in use. Recommended Do not connect these to the internet with outdated Apple system software. 

And if you got a busted screen or missing key by all means seek repairs no matter what the age. Most cases go like this: Start with Apple Inc. Then check Third Party repair shops, then us. 

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Some copies of bulletins sent to clients for you to download.

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