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iPad screen keyboard keeps disappearing.

15 December 2022

If you’re chasing the keys on your keyboard when typing on the pad, the most likely cause is this. Face it, it seems weird that as you move a finger towards the key you want, it “whack a mole” vanishes, and comes back frequently. Go through all the settings, even the more obscure, dwell, motion, accessibility, all have no results.

a search on the internet might bring you to something like this:

very thorough but doesn’t solve the problem. If you’ve tried everything with no luck, here’s your fix. It’s the old case you’re using is too worn out. Yep, confirmed on this end, the contacts between the case and pad are making and breaking contact as its held in your hands As you type. That makes the pad think the keyboard in your case is being connected and disconnected as movements against the case are causing the contacts to break the contact with the pins they touch.

try removing the case. Did it work? 

the case might still be good just slopping a little as it’s loosened up. Start out taking a pencil eraser and scrubbing all the stuff off both the pins in the case, and the contacts on the pad. Now press the pad back into the case, making sure it’s pressed firmly against the pins. You’ll likely get some more use outta that case but not for long cause it’ll begin losing pin contact after some time.

hope this works for all. 

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