MacOS, Phone and PadOS

 Pages, Photos, iTunes, Adobe, Quark,

 Microsoft, FileMaker,

 Intuit and accounting software

Cloud sharing and backup

 Music, Video, FaceTime

 Subscription vs. Stand alone software

Upgrades, Downgrades. Moves and Changes.

Inter operate with multiple systems.



Macs, Phones Pads, Pods

 AppleTV, Airport Routers

 Chargers and Cables, Adapters and Dongles

 Lightning, Thunderbolt, Firewire connections

 Gateways and Routers,

 Servers, Backup Systems

 RAID Arrays

 Printers, Cameras, Scanners,

 HP, Canon, Ricoh, Epson, Minolta. LaCie, Seagate, Toshiba

 Drobo, QNAP, Buffalo, Synology.

 Power supply, UPS.

And some things you’ve never heard of!

Denver's absolute best support for Mac Users

— Designers, Artists, Printers, IT departments

— Doctors, Dentists, Law Offices, Builders, Schools

— Big businesses, Small business and Home Users


 Get the most from your network using Comcast, Xfinity, Centurylink,

TP-Link, Eero, Dlink, Netgear, MESH router

Servers and Storage


Ethernet Cabling install

Multi router installs


We'll help get things squared away for you with testing and repairs. Usually we'll pick up your machine and deliver it fixed after finding the problem.

The shop is by appointment only.


 Slow Machines - Systems and Apps

 File Recovery - Disk, Cloud, Flash

 Network issues - T1, DSL, Fiber

 Virus Protection - Best Choice

 Crashing machines

 Freezes and No Start

Disaster recovery


Get expert advice on moving forward with your system. 

New equipment, or upgrading what you have.

 Print calibration, color matching, press matching.

 Centralized File Storage

UPS (Power Supplies) in case of power down.


Installs, Moves, changes

Replace old Drives

Memory Upgrades

Storage upgrades including RAID backups.

Moving systems to a new location.

Other Services - Phone Systems

Wired Networks, Wireless Networks

And Remote connections as needed. From our place over the net to your place for “while you watch” work getting done. 


Server Administration - Apple Server (depreciated) 

     Suitable alternatives installed. 

 File collaboration and sharing - Cloud or Local.

 Denver Mac can manage employee Macs, School Systems, Medical and Attorney Offices and much more.

One call gets you experts who:

— Give Total Apple Support.

— On site, or remote support over the internet as needed.

— Covers systems from OS 9 to MacOS 12 new Ventura.


from Continued.    More calls to Action,

We want a system that our kids can use that does not access our files when on the computer. Did it and working. 

Our law office of Macs are slow and not able to share files. Fixed and Done. 

Our house lost internet through Centurylink and can not access anything. Got it done. 

We don’t have a scanner and need to get some documents onto the Mac. Done and working. 

Fonts are a mess, some work some do not. Redone and fixed. 

We need a better backup system to recover our files in case of loss. Did it and working. 

We want to use new features for creating and sharing files on new Macs. Shown how to use and working……

We need to reorder and remove duplicates in Adobe Lightroom. Did it. 

Microsoft Word is acting like it is not supposed to. Fixed it. 

More may get posted as they come in……. 

Replacing parts and components. Recovering important files. 

Figuring out why things don’t work as they should or what is needed, 

we have done most all of it. 

 Hints & Tips and sample Customer Newsletters for more. 

Denver Mac