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Who uses us — What’s covered

What experiences do we bring

What tools do we have

Details of Services and Past jobs

Nearly all Mac Users use Denver Mac:

— Designers, Artists, Printers, Content creators

— Doctors, Dentists, Law Offices, Builders, Schools

— Big businesses, Small business and Home Users

— Travel Agencies, business travelers, shows, expos

— IT departments, technical staff, staff computers.

     Many more

Software we’ve covered:

Systems from OS 9 to MacOS 12 Ventura.

   *Sonoma coming soon.

MacOS, Phone and PadOS

Native Mac software and lots of other programs:

Pages, Photos, iTunes,

        Adobe, Quark, Microsoft, FileMaker,

Intuit and most bundled programs.

Subscription vs. Stand alone software.

Cloud sharing and backup, and collaboration like

 Music, Video, FaceTime

Hardware that’s covered:

Macs, Phones Pads, Pods

 AppleTV, Airport Routers

 Chargers and Cables, Adapters and Dongles

 Lightning, Thunderbolt, Firewire connections


 Servers, Backup Systems, RAID Arrays

Cameras, Printers, Scanners and other devices

Repairs and Troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting performed:

Crashing, Freezes and No Start

Slow Machines - Systems and Apps

Hardware diagnostics, bad boards and ports

 File Recovery - Disk, Cloud, Flash

 Network issues -

Virus Protection - Best Choices

Disaster recovery after Malware attacks

Disclosure: Less experienced in Windows

On Repairs:

We'll get things squared away for you with testing and repairs. But we’re moving away from some repairs.

Call with your issue and discuss if we’ll cover it.

Usually we'll pick up your machine and deliver it fixed.

Or, you can drop it off with appointment.

Disclaimer: Moving away from some repairs. Focussing on systems and software instead. We have a repair shop onhand if needed.

Consulting and Management:

Server Administration - Apple Server (depreciated)

 Suitable alternatives installed.

Manage multiple Macs (classrooms, families)

File collaboration and sharing - Cloud or Local.

Denver Mac can setup and manage employee Macs, School Systems, Medical and Attorney Offices and more.

Get expert advice on moving forward with your system.

New equipment or upgrades that best fit your needs.

 Print calibration, color matching, press matching.

 Centralized File Storage

UPS (Power Supplies) in case of power down.

Other Services:

Phone Systems, PBX

Wired Networks, Wireless Networks.

 Printers, Cameras, Scanners, with names like

 HP, Canon, Ricoh, Epson, Minolta.

Power supply, UPS. When and how to use.

Storage devices, including RAID backups

LaCie, Seagate, Toshiba, Drobo, QNAP, Buffalo, Synology.

And some things you’ve never heard of!


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A virus has taken over my Mac. Got it fixed.

We want a system that our kids can use that does not access our files when on the computer. Did it and working.

Quark Express is slow and buggy. Got it fixed.

Our house lost internet through Centurylink and can not access anything. Got it done.

We don’t have a scanner and need to get some documents onto the Mac. Done and working.

Fonts are a mess, some work some do not. Redone and fixed.

We need a better backup system to recover our files in case of loss. Did it and working.

We want to use new features for creating and sharing files on new Macs. Shown how to use and working……

We need to reorder and remove duplicates in Adobe Lightroom. Did it.

Microsoft Word is acting like it is not supposed to. Fixed it.

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